Welcome to the Ginsters Recruitment Website. Here you will find details of our business and benefits offered to all staff. Please use the links at the top of the page to view these details and any current vacancies in the company.

Ginsters is the brand leader of the chilled savoury pastry market and is one the nation’s favourite brand of snack food. Located in Callington, Cornwall, the Ginster family founded the company in 1968 and with a staff of 30 people the family produced hand crimped Cornish Pasties. Since being acquired in 1977 by Samworth Brothers Limited, Ginsters has grown from strength to strength and employs over 750 staff producing over 2.5 million products a week. Ginsters maintain brand leadership by looking for new innovative ways to satisfy the nations snackers while upholding the traditional company commitment to quality.

People are our most important asset.

To show how much we appreciate our people we have put together an extensive benefits package to enhance finances and lifestyle. Currently these benefits include:

  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Free Life Cover (For pension scheme members)
  • Profit Share (Subject to the rules of the scheme)
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Training & Development Opportunities
  • Free on-site Fitness Suite (Callington)
  • Competitive holiday entitlement
  • Subsidised Restaurant (Callington)
  • Discounted Staff Shop (Callington)
  • Long Service Awards
  • On-site Parking
  • Full Uniform
  • Dental Care Plan (Contributory)
  • Employee Discount Scheme covering a wide range of goods and services

Profit Share Scheme

Each year, subject to the rules of the scheme, our employees benefit from the companies profitability by receiving a financial reward, which is based on the companies’ performance.

Private Health Care

After 12 months continuous service all permanent employees are eligible to join the companies’ private health care scheme.

Training and Development

Ginsters has its own Training Academy open 24 hours a day which offers a wide range of learning programmes to all its people. Ginsters is committed to the development of its people through both vocational and personal development training schemes.

On-site Fitness Suite

In partnership with Caradon Council Ginsters has opened its own on-site Gym which is free for use to all of our Employees. Additional activities are also provided such as racket sports, bike hire, table tennis, yoga and running clubs

With our Head office in Cornwall and sales offices nationwide as an equal opportunities employer it is our aim that wherever possible our workforce is representative of the communities that we serve.

Here at Ginsters we are committed to equal opportunities throughout all of our practices, policies and procedures. All decisions about people’s employment are based solely on an objective assessment of the suitability for a job.

This means that the company does not permit discrimination of any kind against any other person or on grounds of; colour, creed or religion, race or ethnic origin, nationality or national origins, sex or sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age.

Meet some members of the team and see what they think about their jobs. Follow the links below:

Gareth FurnivalIt’s an early start to the day and I’m in work for around 4:25am. When I step into the sales office I am already being greeted by colleagues; one of the perks of the job; great banter!

First job of the day is to ensure the van is going to be safe to drive; this includes checking the oil, coolant, lights, etc and also completing food safety records. We each have a handheld computer system and a printer used throughout the day to track calls and stock. We then have to request a load sheet which helps us during the loading and checking of stock. As a team of 3 we collect our stock and load the vans.

Having a team to help with loading makes the job quicker and is enjoyable, but also allows us to spot if there are any errors with the stock. We all work as a team to reduce waste by sharing cases of our slower selling lines. Once a week we will be briefed on what is happening within the company and other sales offices and people in our office will be recognised for doing a good job.

I then fill my flask with coffee and set off for the day ahead.

Journeys vary and my journey’s first customer is an hour away from the Sales Office, where as another journey’s customers could be 10 minutes down the road. At each call I go in and greet the customer; it’s important to have a good working relationship with them as we are there to help them grow their business. At a customers’ I key in the stock that is available on the shelf. The handheld computer will then propose suggested levels of product to stock on the shelf; however we should always be using our own local knowledge to place appropriate orders to help increase sales. After placing the order the pick list is printed. I use this to ensure I am picking the right product off the van to put into the call. I check off the order with a member of staff, who, once it is found to be correct will sign for it or pay with cash. I then print off the final invoice and leave this with the customer.

Currently I have around 40 customers, some are served once a week where as others are daily. I always know where to go next as the computer prompts the sequence of the journey. It’s important to give great customer service, be polite, talk with them about their needs, new lines and if they have any issues. Once I have served all my customers I return to the Sales Office ensuring I fill the van with diesel on the way. Everyone aims to be back in the office for about 3:15pm to leave the Sales Office by 4pm.

Once back at the Sales Office we have an end of day routine which includes banking and the counting of stock on the van which helps to formulate the next stock order. The hand held computer system is plugged back in at the office for transmission and charging. Once it has downloaded all the information about my day, I print off my daily analysis sheet and then have a debrief with the Operations Manager to discuss what went well and what could be improved. This job comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Finally some of us have a remainder of stock that is put into the main fridge in the depot and marked with our journey numbers ready for the next day and then I head off home!

During the day other important aspects of the van sales role will come into play.

Good communication is a valuable skill to have, whether talking to your manager, colleague or customer / business owner. Meetings are important within Ginsters, within our office we have the daily 5 min brief in the morning and a monthly meeting held after work, and a quarterly meeting followed by a meal out. This helps to ensure that everyone knows what needs doing and if there is a specific thing to focus on at that time.

Invariably you will be contacted by your Operations Manager during the day to check on your progress, I feel I have a good working relationship with my Operations Manager as they listen and most importantly hear any feedback I have to give.

I work a five day week, with 1 day off during the week and 1 day off at the weekend. Every third week I get two days off together, which for me is a Saturday and Sunday.

We have a communications representative who puts forward any ideas from our Sales Office to improve our business and we also have an annual staff survey in which our opinions can be expressed and contribute to a bigger change.

We are paid a basic wage with the rest being made up with commission based on our sales, less any waste incurred that week. Incentives come in the form of vouchers, cups and trophies, long service cheques and national competitions with fantastic prizes such as a trip to the Big Apple!